Animal Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Off to the urban jungle! Show courage and creativity when creating your own individual Animal Beanie Hat hat and style yourself like the stars in Hollywood – so you’re certainly in fashion and the absolute eye-catcher on the road! With motifs such as the frog, penguin, polar bear, koala bear, the giraffe or even a funny alien, there are fun and impressive ways of designing. In addition to many different animals, this book also features three different types of Animal Hat caps: the simple hat, the cap with earflaps and the scarf cap, which unites the hat and scarf in one piece, thus offering you the best comfort and guaranteed good warmth for the cold days The most popular animals and motifs as a cap with matching paw girdles or loops.
From the foreword “The trend of superstars now to knit itself.” Not only in Hollywood, but also here with us bring Animal Hats variety and fun in everyday life.



Animal Beanie Free Crochet Pattern
Animal Beanie Free Hat Pattern


Free Animal Beanie Crochet Pattern
Animal Beanie Crochet Pattern


Free Animal Beanie Hat Crochet Pattern
Animal Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Click to link for free pattern. Thanks Marly Bird for pattern.

Animal Beanie Pattern

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