Tiny Unicorn Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

You simply pull one or two pieces of wool through the stitches on the back. You do that often until you’re satisfied. Exactly the same with the tail. For the eyes, you can use safety eyes or you can pull a black thread – no matter what your options are and if you like it! You love unicorns and would like to have one for yourself? No problem! We are crocheted one herself and tells you. With this cute stuffed animal you will not only make little boys and girls happy! The Unicorn is crocheted from Yarn and Colors Charming, giving it an extra cool look. With the curly mane in all colors of the rainbow, the cute unicorn is a real eye-catcher. And the glittering hooves, the horn and the star on the belly complete the whole thing.

Free Unicorn Crochet Pattern
Free Unicorn Crochet Pattern


Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern
Unicorn Crochet Pattern


Tiny Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern
Tiny Unicorn Crochet Pattern


Free Unicorn Crochet
Unicorn Crochet Pattern

Click to link for free pattern. Thanks Ahooka Migurumi for pattern.

Tiny Unicorn Amigurumi

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