Free Gypsy Boho Bag Crochet Pattern


A fine and stylish shoulder bag, a combination of three colors, black, pink, green. Unique free style canvas pattern, free-form design. The boho feeds are a plus. Purse magnetic closure as a close button, O-ring snap clip trigger for the handles. Metallic chain for handles, silver colored. Do it yourself! Do it yourself has long been trend again! In addition to sewing , embroidery and crochet knitting is again really hip. Anyone who has ever even drawn the knitting needles and worked with a beautiful wool will know how relaxing and meditative handwork can be. And in the end, the joy is twice as big when cuddly socks or a new scarf emerge from it. Knitting and DIY in general is not only a nice pastime, it is also possible to make your own individual Gypsy Boho Bags and accessories.


Free Urban Gypsy Bag Crochet Pattern
Urban Gypsy Bag Crochet Pattern

Free crochet bag pattern

Click to link for free pattern. Thanks Nancy Smith for pattern.

Gypsy Boho Bag Crochet Pattern

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