Free Vanilla Latte Sock Knitting Pattern

These Vanilla Latte socks are regular socks with a 2-ribbed cuff, coping heel and band lace. I once knitted it for me, unfortunately the second sock has slipped behind the heavy chest of drawers under our stairs, where I can not get it, so unfortunately I have never worn the socks before.

Knit socks with made with love: After I had put together a basic instruction in knitting with the needles and a tutorial in knitting socks and you have now finished all your first pair of socks, here’s knitting socks – simple instructions on. I have put together four pieces that I once knitted myself. I would be glad, if you find something for you. Have fun trying!

Free Vanilla Latte Socks Knitting Pattern
Free vanilla latte socks pattern

Free Socks Knitting Patterns
Free Socks Patterns

Click to link for free pattern. Thanks Virginia Rose for pattern.

Vanilla Latte Socks Knitting Pattern

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