Nurse Mates Free Knitting Pattern


Skill Level: Easy

Yarn: Models are knit from a variety of DK oddments.

Gauge: Exact gauge is not important

Size: One size


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Click to link for free pattern. Thanks Esther Braithwaite for pattern.

Download the Nurse Mates Pattern


  1. thank you so much. We owe so much to all NHS staff from the top consultants right down to the cleaners. We can make these as a tribute and give thanks to them xx

    1. I’ve just started to knit these but the pattern is wrong! 😢 It just doesn’t work out which is a shame as they are cute.

          1. And I have made over 100 (being sold for NHS charity) and the pattern is excellent. Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much for the pattern. I have made 9 so far. Will be taking them up to the hospital after this is all over. Thought the nurses and doctors may like them as a gift to keep. X

  2. For those of you who cant find the knitting patter, click on the download button under the photo, in the top corner of your pc you will see an arrow facing downward click on that and see your pattern, Ta Da!!!

  3. I also cannot get pattern. Can anyone tell me how to download using iPad. There is definitely no link under pictures. alternatively can someone pls screenshot it and send to me. TY.

  4. Hi. There is definitely no link under the picture, just an advert. If I click where it says ‘download pattern’ it directs me to Ravelry page and pattern does not come up. Lots of people have said they cannot see link so perhaps someone could look into it as I would love to make these to sell and donate all money to NHS.

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