Doctors Face Mask Free Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Suggested Yarn: 

Red Heart Super Saver Solids

Peaches & Creme Solids

Yarn: Aran (8 wpi)

Hook Size: 5.0 mm (H)

Yardage: 40 – 60 yards (37 – 55 m)

Size: One size

Crochet terminology: US

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Doctor Face Mask Free Crochet Pattern
(Working bottom upward.) 
chain 20 

1) In second ch from hook, SC. SC across. (19sts) 
2) Ch1, turn. SC 17.

3) Ch1, turn. SC 15.
4) Ch1, turn. SC 13.
5) Ch1, turn. SC 11.
6) Ch1, turn. SC 15, crocheting into stitches including those left unworked in previous rows.
Keep these stitches fairly tight!

7) Ch1, turn. SC 19, as previous row, using unworked stitches.

8-10) Ch1, turn. SC 19. 
11) Ch1, turn. SC 15. 
12) Ch1, turn. SC11. 
13) Ch1, turn. SC 7.
14) Ch1, turn. SC 3.
15) Ch1, turn. SC 11. As previous rows, using unworked stitches. 
16) Ch1, turn. SC 19. As previous rows, using unworked stitches. 
17) Ch 1 turn. SC 19.

(Scroll on for more pictures of the work in progress)

Chain 15-20 and attach at top and bottom sides of mask. These are your straps for behind your ears, so how many chains you need depends on the size you need. A child will probably need about 15 where an adult will need 20.
On my original (blue in pictures), I did 17 chains. This was a little tight on me (adult female) but just a little bit loose on my 5 year old. Still fit both of us decently enough! On my sample for this pattern (white one) I did 20 ch and it was more comfortable but still snug. With use it will stretch and loosen just a hair.
Size is fairly universal otherwise.
Both of these masks were made the same size, except for the length of the ear straps. 

Click to link for free pattern. Thanks Sally L.M. for pattern.

Download the Doctors Face Mask Pattern

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  1. The mask is nice but if you don’t add a filter it won’t be effective. Holes are too large.
    Search DIY mask filters

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